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Baby Sign is a wonderful way to communicate with your baby.

Baby signing bridges the communication gap - aiding babies to show their parents what they want/need before they can talk!

Early language development and understanding also encourages early speech as the signs are always said at the same time. Around 4-6 months is an ideal age to begin learning signs.

*Empowers babies to communicate earlier
*Enhances the child-parent/carer understanding and bond.
*Complements language skills
*Reduces frustration
*Enhances early vocabulary and understanding

Relaxed Baby teaches basic BSL (British Sign Language), as it's a widely used & recognised language, combining the benefits of music (action songs, rhymes & musical instruments) and signs. We teach you and your baby basic signs such as "milk", "eat" , "all gone" and much more, covering a variety of everyday topics.

New courses starting January 2020 see courses page for info

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