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Baby And Children's Reflexology

The Children's Reflexology programme is a simple course of fun and interactive sessions. It empowers parents and carers to be able to offer their children a non- invasive complementary therapy at home. The course shows you how to treat specific conditions of childhood and includes a series of handouts in the form of mini booklets that can be used by parents at home. A carefully designed series of rhymes, pictures and stories is used to engage the child and helps you to learn the reflexology moves too.

Reflexology is a powerful but gentle therapy which is particularly beneficial with children and can be a great help in times of distress and with common childhood illnesses such as constipation, teething, colic and even tantrums with toddlers!

The Reflexology programme can be done from birth onwards to babies

Toddlers to young ones up to children of 7 or 8 years old.

The programme is unique and has been created to engage children through the use of animals, rhymes and story.


Lovely calming sessions. I have used the Reflexology on my daughter when she has been in her carseat screaming - massaging her solar plexus really calms her. Elle and Jelsey

Reflexology has been fantastic for Zach. He enjoys the time we spend together practising o the evening before bedand he is so chilled. He sleeps from 7pm till 5.30am at 9 weeks oldand feel it could be down to the course.


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